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Our Fleet



Commit to GE-BE and GE-BE will get the kit to commit to you!

GE-BE Transport Ltd has a wide range of vehicles ranging from a standard size Ford Transit Van to 44 Tonne Artic Units.


We also have 2 larger 35cwt Luton Body Vans. These vans are fully equiped for household deliveries and full installs, for example, refridgeration equipment into Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Hotels.


In additon to this we have 7.5-26 tonne rigid body lorries, all of these complete with taillifts delivering anything from standard pallets to timber loads, refridgeration equipment, Bulk IBC containers and bespoke items. These vehicles are sleeper cabs so distance is not a problem; our drivers are geared up for nights away.


We then have our 44 tonne artic units, again sleeper cabs and high spec ensuring our drivers have the best comfort whilst away all week. We believe this is important for not only the drivers well being but also road safety.


All of our vehicles are on a state of the art tracking system allowing the GE-BE teams to keep a close eye on our customer "on time" deliveries and collections. If our customers call us with a query or to track a delivery we can answer at the touch of a button. This also prevents us distracting the driver with phone calls and helps keep our drivers safe on the road.


Our trailers are a range of sizes suitible for all of your deliveries. We have a 44ft flat trailer, for those larger more awkward loads. Standard curtain side trailers, at various heights. Internal and External. Lower Trailers so we can gain entry on height restricted sites, and higher trailers to accomodate customer's larger loads.


We have a wide range of double decked trailers which allows us to to carry a larger quantity of pallets in a way that requires no double-stacking meaning more value for money for our customers.


We also have a variety of specialist paper carrying trailers, these are special trailers that allow us to carry out deliveries into certain newsprinters where-by the customer can off load the complete load through the rear doors in under 5 minutes.

As you will see from our vast fleet of vehicles and trailers we grow with our customers. We do our best to get the equipment that is needed to do the job in the best way possible.